About Frontal

The forefront of
Web3 and Blockchain

Frontal is the Web3 and Blockchain cybersecurity business unit of DTS Solution
which has been delivering cybersecurity services for businesses of all scale, size, and industry
across the globe since 2011.

DTS Solution is a trust cybersecurity advisor and engineering firm
with 7 of the top 10 brands across the Middle East using DTS Solution
to secure their digital environment.

From the very beginning

Frontal – Frontliners in Web3 and Blockchain Cybersecurity was incubated in 2021 by DTS Solution having helped various Virtual Asset Service Providers get regulated and licensed in the UAE and securing various implementations of Enterprise Blockchain across Dubai Government Entities. Being involved in the crypto and blockchain industry since 2017.

Frontal brings rich experience and expertise in the Web3 and Blockchain cybersecurity with highly certified and qualified specialists, auditors, and ethical hackers. Frontal is a leading cybersecurity consulting company in the Web3 and Blockchain space.

Frontal is a part of DTS Solution LLC, which also operates HawkEye (24×7 Managed CSOC and XDR), FYNSEC (Cloud SASE) and Complyan (Cybersecurity Compliance as a Service Platform).


Our Journey


DTS Solution born in Dubai, UAE with a mission to become the regional leader in cybersecurity.


DTS Solution expands in Abu Dhabi, UAE to secures various critical infrastructure organizations.


DTS Solution expands in London, United Kingdom to support customers across Europe and Africa.


DTS Solution launches HawkEye Managed 24x7 CSOC and XDR cyber threat monitoring service.


DTS Solution helps secure multiple enterprise blockchain use cases across Dubai Government Entities.


DTS Solution expands in Kuwait and launching cybersecurity services in-country.


DTS Solution helps various Virtual Asset Service Providers and Cryptocurrency Exchanges to get regulated and licensed in the UAE. Launches FYNSEC and COMPLYAN service lines.


DTS incubates Frontal - specializing in Web3 and Blockchain space and establishes a back office in Armenia to support R&D and development activities for Real-Time Smart Contract Monitoring Platform.


The Team

Shah Sheikh

Shah Sheikh


A cybersecurity entrepreneur and a public speaker with more than 19+ years of experience in the trade craft. Having started his cybersecurity career before graduating, he has been in the trenches since 2003, when cybersecurity was a new niche and immature practice.
A dynamic and professional leader, he co-founded DTS Solution in 2011 and has been instrumental in bringing the organization to where it is today; with its reputation as a leader in cybersecurity across the region serving 400+ clients and serving 7 of the top 10 brands across the Middle East.

He works as the CISO for FLUID Finance which is Global CeDeFi Liquidity Aggregator based on AI-based quant driven algorithm which recently raised $10M in funding. He also worked as a CISO for HAYVN a Crypto Trading, OTC and Payment Gateway and helped them be the first regulated and licensed VASP from ADGM.

He has worked for leading cybersecurity vendors – Fortinet and Juniper Networks and held senior positions in Agilisys (a leading managed cloud security services provider in the UK) and Vodafone.

He holds a MEng (Master’s in Engineering) from Kings College London and holds various industry certifications – ISO27001 LA/LI, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, CDPSE, CCSK, CPSA (CREST UK), GISCP along with many technical certifications, he is an active member of ISACA and Cloud Security Alliance and has delivered many keynote speeches at major cybersecurity conferences.

Ali Ashar

Ali Ashar


A Blockchain & Web3 cyber-security professional and a rigid believer in virtual asset & NFT space, experienced with over 6 years in the virtual assets industry and Web3 startups with a wide spectrum of skills applicable across different verticals in Cryptocurrencies (Virtual Assets) leaning towards cybersecurity & business development with the mission to secure the Web3 world.

He has also worked with Cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure their cybersecurity policies & procedures are aligned with the regulations while implementing cutting-edge technology solutions to provide secure infrastructure, robust wallet architecture, and optimized operations.

He had pursued BSc in Computer Systems & Networking from Curtin University alongside multiple CCNA certifications. While advancing through his academic career, he had solely developed a Blockchain application to validate certificates and store them on IPFS that would eradicate the problem of fake certificates and stay transparent to concerned authorities.


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