Web3 and Blockchain Cybersecurity Solutions

Cutting-Edge Tech

Infrastructure Security

We work with cutting-edge and industry-leading cybersecurity tech to secure your Web3 infrastructure and protect you from hackers. Delivering advanced security solutions focused on DDoS protection, Network Security, Cyber Defense. Intrusion Prevention, Application and API Security, Cryptographic and Encryption Security, Identity Governance, Cloud Security and Data Protection.

Transactional Compliance

Operating in Web3 is high-risk if it is not managed properly. We support in building virtual and crypto asset transactional monitoring and compliance using industry-leading platforms to perform Know You Transaction (KYT), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Crypto Risk Intelligence, Tainted Wallet Verification and Crypto Threat Intelligence. Our dedicated team can also carry out Virtual Asset Crime Investigation and Forensics.

Wallet Security

Safeguard your virtual assets with ground-breaking MPC and cold wallet infrastructure. Securely storing your virtual assets that is based on robust cryptographic controls, eliminating the need to manage private keys. We help protect your virtual assets with leading wallet security technology.

Guardyan – Real-Time Cyber Threat Monitoring

Breaches and hacks are all too common in the Web3 space. Stay ahead of the cyber threat landscape and step up your security practice to a whole different level with our 24×7 Cyber Threat Monitoring and Real-Time Smart Contract Monitoring Services.

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