Smart Contract Auditor

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Full Time
We are looking for a passionate, highly skilled and experienced Smart Contract Auditor to review security of the various smart contracts and protocols within our DeFi ecosystem as well as provide insights in establishing best practices for security culture within the industry. This role will contribute to how security is defined when building decentralized software.

The ideal candidate is exceptionally intellectual, technically driven, has an eye for detail & will have previous experience auditing Solidity smart contract and is well versed and familiar with the various tools available to auditors, and more over can communicate their ideas clearly while working with clients to ensure the security of their smart contracts.

You will be overseeing the security on a cutting-edge blockchain technology platform and be in charge of fostering the security culture while growing Frontal.


  • Analyzing the code of blockchain projects, working to identify vulnerabilities, design and architectural flaws, quality improvement, and ways to mitigate future risk
  • Interact with developers, and key stakeholders when identifying and handling security issues
  • Working with clients to threat model, design, and enhance the security of smart contracts while understanding the transaction flow & blockchain interaction
  • Perform unit & integration testing
  • Mentor and educate engineers internally the best security practices
  • You are security minded and aware of the current & updated pitfalls of EVM code and vulnerabilities


  • In-depth understanding on some key vulnerabilities such as (Arithmetic error of integers, Vulnerabilities of the block gas limit, Frontrunning, Logic bugs, DOS, Re-entrancy, Runtime, etc)
  • Knowledge of Hardhat, Geth, Ganache, Remix and other deployment tools
  • Advanced understanding of security audit tools (Mythril, Slither, Mythx, Echidina etc)
  • Demonstrated expertise with Solidity, EVM, blockchain & DApp architecture
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Javascript, Typescript or Python is required
  • Experience with unit testing, manual testing, formal verification, automated testing, documentation, design reviews, and code review
  • Ensures that vulnerabilities identified are appropriately prioritized and addressed in future audit releases
  • Understanding of Layer 2 solutions and cross-chain bridge technologies
  • Understanding of Smart Contract Security Principles & SWC Registry
  • BS in computer science or related work experience
  • At least 3 years of work experience in cybersecurity
  • Fuzzing and formal verification as a big plus

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